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The Mentinah Archives – records of the Nemenhah tribe


The Archives start with the Book of Hagoth and tells his history and how he discovered and settled the lands north of the Colorado River.
These Archives are not the main focus of the Nemenhah people and they leave it up to the members of the tribe to read them and use them in their lives. There will be more records translated and printed soon. I wonder how much more history and spiritual lessons we can learn when these are released into the world.
This is from the main Mentinah website:
“The Mentinah Archives are the recorded histories of the people known anciently as the “Nemenhah.” These people trace their history from the journey of Hagoth into the Land Northward up to the present day. They were written upon plates of various metals and alloys of metals, processed animal hides and paper velum. The records were archived in several locations in North and Central America anciently, but the only surviving copies of the histories of the Nemenhah, of which we have anything to do, have been strictly guarded in the libraries of Sanpete County, Utah.”
There are many volumes right now.  For more information go here.

I hope you will enjoy reading these texts and if you like them please feel free to share them with anyone you want to.

This is an article that I received that I felt worth sharing which is regarding a work that I’m familiar with where you also can get access to the related PDF’s. CLICK HERE


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