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Current Events

Time and time again questions come up in conversations  regarding obscure topics.  Regularly they are the ones either briefly covered by the “mainstream” media or not at all.  Information is scarce and to often hearsay.  These are stories that many may feel in a family setting to be taboo such as politics, religion or the always least favorable conspiracy theory’s.  It is on my blog I post them for discussion.

Maybe this is my formal disclaimer but I would rather be clear.  Regardless of whether I believe or not what I have posted I am interested in the conversation, more information and the opinions of others.  Notice that often my posts are without my thoughts, I’m looking to start a discussion and anticipate your comments.  Please post your thoughts as well as supporting information and I will reply.

Visit my “home” page for the most recent posts.  In the right hand navigation notice the recent comments section to see what is currently being discussed.  See the list of the newest posts but also review the list of categories as I am sure you will find many that will interest you.

I look forward to your input and our future discussions.

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