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Bishop Koyle – predictions / prophecies relevant to today's environment.

I include these predictions because of their possible relevance to today’s environment.
* World War I – Ten years before it happened, Bishop Koyle foretold Word War I. He also said the 145th Field Artillery, composed of mostly Mormon boys, would not see combat. Many parents felt comforted by his prediction, but when the newspapers carried headlines of the 145th in action, Fred Squires went to the Bishop showing him the paper. The Bishop said it was a lie, and told him that by the time the 145th would reach the front lines, the war would be over. Fred was holding a paper with the date November 11, 1918. By the time Fred arrived back in Salt Lake City, the armistice had been announced. The 145th did not see combat! (Source)

* The 1929 Depression – In 1929 the Bishop told Henry Gardner, his Stake President and owner of a bank in Spanish Fork, that four months from that date there would be a terrible financial crash in the nation. When four months went by, President Gardner called the Bishop and said his dream about the depression had not come to pass. The Bishop reminded him there was still one more day left. The next day was October 29th, the day of the famous stock market crash. (Ibid)

* End of World War II – Shortly after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941, Dr. Brooksby of Fredonia, Arizona, invited Bishop Koyle to his home for a few days. One morning the Bishop came out of his bedroom and announced that the Lord had shown him in a dream that the war would end by August 27, 1945. (Ogden Kraut personally heard it mentioned from Dr. Brooksby.) Lee Goates of the Deseret News heard of this prophecy and in disbelief mentioned it in a sports column. On August 6th and 7th, 1945, the atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. By the 27th, the Japanese had agreed to surrender. (ibid)

Much of John Koyle’s work centered around the so-called “Dream Mine”. A mine that he was told held great wealth that would only become available after a complete financial collapse. He saw a winter preceeding the mine opening where the snow would be as high as telephone polls. He called this the long, cold winter. He said this would be followed by a warm, wet, spring where severe flooding would cover the State of Utah, from one end to the other. (ibid)

A Great Financial Collapse:

“The angel who appeared to Bishop Koyle told him, “The Lord has called you to open up a rich gold mine for the benefit of (Mormon) Zion and the world in a time of trouble such as the world has not known. This time of trouble will be ushered in by a financial crash; we go to bed at night and awake in the morning with no light, water, gas or heat. The money will become worthless, not worth the paper it is written on, an armful would not buy a loaf of bread.”

Bishop Koyle said that Wall Street would have a major drop sometime before the total failure and that the Government would step in to help save it.

Koyle was shown that our entire wage and price structure had risen higher and higher so that it was like it was up on high stilts, and then suddenly it was as if someone over-night had kicked the stilts out from under it, and the whole thing came down with a crash to about 20 cents on the dollar. Property would only be worth l/5 of its former value, but mortgage and other fixed debts would remain the same.

$20 bills would blow like trash in the gutter, not worth the trouble of bending over to pick them up. A bushel of gold would buy a bushel of wheat.

The US would call its military home from all over the world just to keep the greenbacks home and to keep the peace.

When it was time for the mine to turn out, he said, there was a light complexioned man with white hair who would come from east of the mine with a big check to finance the first shipment of ore.

Koyle saw that the US President would die in office just a while after the mine came in. He saw them look up and down the country everywhere to try to find a man to take his place and they would not be able to find one and the nation wandered in chaos. That’s how bad it will get. ” (Source)

Remember, these visions all occurred before 1949.

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