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What does history tell us?

At the risk of continuing to aggravate the anti private gun ownership folks, some points that I urge you to consider:

1. Yes, it’s unfortunate that such potent weapons of destruction exist.  But they do and they’re not going anywhere.

The ONLY thing that laws against private ownership of firearms are going to insure is that the only private individuals who have guns will be criminals.

They will have no problem whatsoever getting their hands on all the guns they want just as there is no problem getting getting tons of drugs into the US and distributing them all over the nation.

2. Yes, people commit suicide with guns.  They also use rope, pharmaceuticals, carbon monoxide and automobiles.

Do we also ban these items as well?

3. There are many law abiding people who depend on firearms for their safety and protection.


a. People who live far from any kind of police service or neighbors

b. The handicapped and elderly who are the preferred victims of criminal  predators

c. Any person who provides what seems to be an easy target to criminals: women living alone, single women with children, and others.

Do you really want to be the person to tell these people “Tough luck. Call 911 and hope for the best.”?

Finally, look at history.

Historically, guns have been registered for one reason only: to make them easier to seize later.

Ending private ownership of firearms is one of the #1 issues for tyrants:

The biggest genocides in history –  Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia, Armenia – were all preceded by taking guns away from private owners.

Look at US history.

There have been only three majors waves of gun control laws in America:

1. The British wanted to disarm colonists and make firearms the sole province of the British military and other agents of the Empire.

2. After the Civil War, the very same people who brought you the Klu Klux Klan instituted a wave of laws that banned blacks from owning firearms.

3. The current wave of gun control laws started in the mid 1960s.

What kicked off the explosion of modern “gun control” propaganda in the US?

You may be more than a little surprised by the answer  as George Seldes said “even the gods can’t change history.”


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