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Truth Never Told

“It is said that men go mad in herds, and only come to their senses slowly and one by one.” -Charles MacKay

The dollar collapse will be the single largest event in human history and will dramatically affect every aspect of your life.

The dollar collapse is a mathematically inevitable event. That is because the debt we create either becomes to large for us to pay and we default on it, or we do continue to pay for this debt and the dollar becomes worthless, either way our way of life ends.  This does not mean the world ends, it just means that a new paradigm will come into existence and those that adapt to this the quickest will be the ones that thrive.

The Greatest Truth Never Told is a series designed to help you come to terms with a post dollar world.

It takes us through the 5 Stages of Awakening as we naturally go through the Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and eventually Acceptance.

By having all the information I have complied through 7 years of research and development, The Greatest Truth Never Told will speed you through Awakening process so that you can be aware and prepared for this paradigm shift. It will show you..

  • How this current paradigm was created.
  • Who controls it.
  • Where are we going.
  • And finally how to best prepare for that future.

“When you are aware, you can prepare.” -Chris Duane

If you are looking to really jump in and learn, I suggest you join the free Sons of Liberty Academy.   The Academy is my first attempt at creating a formalized process to the Awakening.  Though it was created a few years ago and the production quality is not that strong, the information in there is priceless. To get started and see for yourself what the Sons of Liberty Academy is all about, click here to register for free. (Don’t forget to click the “Gandhi” link.)

“The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes

 If you feel that you  are ahead of the curve and looking to take positive actions with others that see the world the way you do I have two specials for you. 

The Ultimate Exit Strategy is the most advanced and positive plan out there for those that are already awakened. Here we will see how exactly we can be in the right place at the right time and create true generational wealth.

The Ultimate Exit Strategy lead to the creation of the Silver Shield Report where we discuss advanced discussion with our most forward thinking individuals in our community.  This is a must for any individual who is tired of doom and gloom and wants to move forward positively in to a new way of life. Join the Silver Shield Report today.

    1. The 5 Stages of Awakening- See the exact process of how people become awakened and totally free.
    2. The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield- The groundbreaking report that has been read by over 300,000 people worldwide and translated into 7 languages.
    3. The Two Coming American Revolutions- There is a fork in the road to revolution. One road takes us back to our Constitutional roots; the other down to tyranny of Collectivism.
    4. 30 Reasons to Get Out of Real Estate and Into Real Assets- You will never look at your Real Estate investments the same after this report.
    5. 5 Places NOT to be During the Dollar Collapse- See the 5 places you do not want to be near when the mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar happens.

There is a lot of information to help you become your highest and best self.  I hope you have a truly life changing educational experience with the information in this email and support our cause along the way.

Live Boldly,

Chris Duane

P.S.  Ultimate Silver Investor.  Learn how the mathematically inevitable collapse of the dollar will shift wealth from paper assets into real tangible assets. See why physical silver is the key to creating generational wealth.  These 18 ground breaking reports are FREE and will change your life

Don’t stop now, continue this mental journey by See the World Anew

The Shock of a New Paradigm


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